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You may remember a post several months ago which explained how you can create paper versions of your friends to take out on the town with you when you can’t all be together in real life.  My sisters and I began making flat friends the last time that we got 3 out of 4 of us together for a big fun time.  We really were sad that Caity, our youngest sister, couldn’t be there to share in our good times.  We McNally girls are big on making lemonade out of lemons if you know what I mean, so we created “Flat Caitlin” from paper and popsicle sticks, and took her with us throughout the day (and night’s) shenanigans.

My sister, Heather, just moved to Austin, Texas.  I helped her move, so I’m here for a few more days.  Sarah, another sister, is arriving tonight,  just in time to grab dinner and hit a Camera Obscura concert.  Fun times are definitely going to be had, but how can our joviality be complete when we are missing one sister?  That’s right.  It’s Flat Friend time.

We decided to go with a new photo this time. Mix things up, you know? Keep it fresh.

Caity's High School Graduation

Unfortunately, this photo mostly just shows her head, and we really need a good portion of body in order to get the Flat Friend just right.  Plus, we need somewhere to stick the popsicle stick.  Not a problem though, with the wonders of Photo Shop, we can easily create the facade of a torso.  Just a few clicks of the mouse, and VIOLA!

Ready to become a Flat Friend!

Isn’t digital imagery amazing? Now to print her out, attach her to a stick, and hit the town!  Yippee Kai Yay, Texas!

Update: Here are some photos of the fun we had with Flat Caitlin in Austin

The Four McNally Ladies in the Bluebonnets

Flat Caitlin Enjoying the Sunset Over Lake Travis


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Sometimes our friends cannot always join us when we want them too. Perhaps you have a favorite buddy, sibling, or pal who can't make it to your big party or special event?  Don't fret.  There is a great alternative to having your real friend with you for all of life's precious moments.  In just 3 easy steps you can create your very own Flat Friend version of your stick in the mud buddy.  Your Flat Friend will actually be MORE fun than your real friend since you can do almost anything to or with them for the sake of taking funny pictures.  Being mostly paper, they are pretty much powerless to stop you.

Step One:
Print out the funniest/worst picture of your friend and cut them out.

Step Two:
Glue your friend to a stick of some kind.  I used a foam paint brush here, but you can also use a chop stick, a popsicle stick, a pen, or even a fly swatter. Pretty much anything tall, slim, and stiff. I'm sure you can find something appropriate. (Or depending on how far you want to take this joke, something inappropriate.)

Step Three:
Embellish your friend.  On their own a Flat Friend is, well, kind of FLAT.  Try jazzing them up with some glitter, buttons, or brick-brack. 

My sisters and I recently made a Flat Friend out of our youngest sister, Caitlin, when she wasn't around to help us do silly wedding crap.  Doesn't she look fabulous?  Now that your Flat Friend is ready, go out on the town and have some fun.  Don't forget a camera!  You'll need it to take tons of embarrassing pictures of your new and improved friend, and then upload them onto Facebook, lovingly tagging each one to your 3D friend's account.





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Words and photos smooshed together, for your enjoyment. Click to see a larger version.




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