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This is my monthly contribution to the EtsyBlogger's Blog Carnival. Due to my having a destructively rebellious nature it is REALLY hard for me to participate in these. I have no good reason to balk, but being given a subject to write about seems to block up my brain. For those of you who know me personally, this is no surprise, seeing as I have been known to rip up assembly directions for put it together yourself furniture mid-assembly and just "wing it". (Wish I could say that was with "mixed results" but it's been more like exclusively bad results.)

Anyway, let's get down to business!! What did I do when I was a child that I will always remember? Here's a small spattering of summarized stories to satiate your blogging carnival appetites:

  • Dressed up like a wide range of costume characters and convinced my younger sister that I was NOT myself and instead, for example, a Russian spy, a traveling gypsy, my own long lost twin.
  • Harassed my older sister's friends with psychotic antics including: threatening them with hand saws, snow shovels, and butcher's knives, launching dead squirrels at their heads, dressing up as a variety of costumed characters (armed and dangerous costumed characters).
  • Wore 3d glasses and suspenders for most of 1987.
  • Buried some of my older and younger sister's stuff in a "time capsule" somewhere in the woods where I was never ever able to find it again. Woops.
  • Convinced myself that I had awoken a dangerous poltergeist in the old air field behind my house.
  • Convinced all my friends that the polergeist awas also after them.
  • Made myself a necklace out of gum. (This MAY have been my very first piece of abstract functional art.) I got it all mashed up in my hair, then tried to cut it out with some scissors. The next morning my Mom went to brush my hair and was horrified when it began falling out in chunks.
  • Followed the swampy stream near my best friend's house all the way to the end in search of an escaped python.
  • Inspired by Baby Jessica's fame, I tried to get myself stuck down a number of pipes and wells.
  • Inspired by my own delusions of super powers I tempted fate by walking in front of moving cars on busy roads, jumping from second story windows and throwing myself down ravines.
  • In sixth grade I formed an elaborate plot to run-away with my friend Nancy Delucia to Vermont and become waitresses at a ski resort she went to once. As the date of our grand escape neared, Nancy Delucia, that rat, chickened out and turned me into the guidance counseler at shcool. 

There are about a million more, but that should do it for now.


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