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These sweet treats are made with regular, household cotton balls, simple craft supplies, and just a dash of imagination.  Kids will love piecing together these adorable play foods.  For this project you’ll need: large cotton balls, school glue, brown and black construction paper, small pom poms, small candy cups, and markers.

Cotton Cookies, Ice Cream Cone, and Cupcakes

To make creme filled cookies, start by cutting some shapes out of construction paper.  Cut two 3 to 4 inch circles out of brown paper, then two more out of black paper.   With a brown marker, draw chocolate chips onto the brown circles.  Using a white marker or a white crayon decorate the black circles to resemble a chocolate cookie.  Take two cotton balls and gently pull them in every direction.  Try not to pull them completely apart.  Instead, try to just stretch each cotton ball into a wide, flat circle.  On the wrong side of each paper cookie, spread school glue evenly.  Sandwich the cotton ball circles in between two paper cookies and gently press them together.

Next, try making some cotton ball cupcakes.  Start with a candy cup, or small cupcake wrapper.  Coat the inside of the cup with school glue, then drop a cotton ball inside.  To make your cupcakes look more realistic, try shaping them into a ball first.  Top each cupcake with a small pom pom and a drop of glue.

Another faux food you can create using cotton balls is ice cream!  Begin by cutting a 4 inch square from construction paper.  Carefully trim one half of the square into a round edge.  Using a brown marker, draw criss-crossing diagonal lines across the paper to make the paper resemble a waffle cone.  Now roll the square into a cone shape and secure it with glue.  Next, grab a cotton ball and carefully pull the cotton up from its middle.  Twist the cotton gently to give it a swirled look.  This step may take a little practice.  Once your ice cream is ready, use glue to secure your ice cream inside the cone.

Make sure you allow your cotton ball crafts to dry completely before playing with them.


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10 Days left until the big day, and I thought I would take a little time to highlight some recent wedding goodness for you all. One of the biggest things I haven't gotten a chance to blog about was the amazingly well put together Bridal Shower that my sisters threw me a few weeks ago.  They held it at The Sesame Seed Restaurant, a really yummy granola type place that is super cute and right up my alley.  In fact, it is the favorite local restaurant for many of the girls who attended that day.  I know more than a few of the guests were thrilled about the location.

Mmm__ hummus!

The Sesame Seed Restaurant resides in a charming old Victorian style house on Wooster Street in Danbury, CT.  It is decorated in a sort of antique, shabby chic meets crazed hippy collector sort of way, and it serves an eclectic menu of healthful and delicious, hippy dippy foods, including their incredible homemade hummus, and hefty portions of Gorgonzola topping several standard dishes.  For the shower, they provided a menu with three lunch entrees: Spinach Pie, Chicken Fajitas, and Salmon.  They let us run rampant across their entire second floor too, giving us loads of space and privacy for the party.  My sisters also mentioned several times how helpful and accommodating the staff at The Sesame Seed was during the planning and execution of the party.  I would definitely recommend the venue.

Heather showing off our works!

In true McNally fashion, Sarah and Heather crafted their little fingers to the bone for the shower.  The craftiness began with a gorgeous welcome centerpiece, made from sticks, punched flowers, moss,Favors - Glittered birds with tins of jelly beans_ and glitter birds.  Next to the centerpiece were an army of tiny, handmade note cards, and one of the lovely invitations the girls had sent out.   Speaking of glitter birds, Heather and Sarah hand glittered an extraordinary amount of little feather birds, which they used to decorate their welcome centerpiece, and to top jelly bean favors!  The favors were so cute!  Tiny metal tins were covered in two layers of crafty paper, with hearts cut out between them. Then, the tins were filled with red and turquoise jelly beans, and topped with glitter birds!  Then each tin and bird were wrapped up in little cello bags and tied with handmade, grommetted tags that said "MH"! The gals didn't stop there, either.  They put lovely milk glass (my favorite) bud vases on all the tables, tied with ribbons and filled with daisies! So crafty!

We played the classic Toilet Paper Bride game at the shower, which was a huge hit.  The party split off into three teams, each given a few rolls of TO (Recycled, of course) and about 15 minutes to create a masterpiece.  I ran around snapping photos as the ladies went to work.  The game resulted in three very different TP bride looks, all of which were incredibly creative.  Of course, the Scissor Squad was almost entirely on one team, and what they created was simply mind blowing. It really did look like a real dress. Incredible!


Later we ate delicious cupcakes from the American Artisan Bakery in Sandy Hook, CT.  These things  were gi-freaking-normous and VERY tasty.  Everyone had fun splitting their cupcakes up to share flavors.  After the cupcakery was done, they sat me in a chair and showered in fantastic gifts!  Hooray! I have been chipping away at my Thank You cards ever since, and hope to get them out very soon, for I am, indeed, very thankful for all my gorgeous loot!

Thanks, Heather and Sarah for a super lovely time! To check out the full collection of photos, visit the gallery!

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