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Hooray! My video with Etsy has been published in The Storque, Etsy’s online magazine. I had a really great time making this video with the folks at Etsy.  They are all super nice and dandy to work with. Despite some goony faces I made I think it came out quite nicely. Thank you to everyone who emailed me with your words of support and congratulations. You guys are the best!

Michelle and I cracked up over the bit where I add the salt to the water. We were recently making fun of ourselves for both having the weird habit of adding involuntary sound effects to everything we did. The proof is in the pudding! You can hear me making a “fizzz” sound when I add the salt to the water!! What a wacko I am. LOL. Michelle and I both do this all day without ever thinking about it. I’m libel to make “vroom vroom” sounds while driving, “sizzle” noises while cooking, or even “bow wow” noises at my dog. I can’t help but add my own soundtrack to everything I do. At least Michelle has motherhood to blame it on. Not me! I think mine just comes from my brain being a mirror image of a toddler’s.

Anyway, I also went to Etsy in Brooklyn yesterday to teach my class, Bath & Body 101. I have taught a lot of classes at work (employee workshops) and I’ve run many workshops with The Scissor Squad through the years, but this was my very first class teaching strangers. Luckily my whole class was filled with really nice, enthusiastic students. They asked really great questions, kept the conversation lively, and were really patient when we ran into a few hiccups along the way. I learned a few things too:

– Next time I’ll be bringing triple the amount of spoons, cups, and bowls that I think I need.
– Next time I’ll bring double the amount of ingredient that I think I need.
– Next time I’ll prep some of the ingredients ahead of time to make some parts move quicker.
– Next time I’ll schedule moving day any day EXCEPT the day before my class!

That’s right. We MOVED yesterday! About 85% of our belongings have been transported to our new apartment in Danbury. Unfortunately, our lease doesn’t officially start until August 1st, so 15% of our stuff, us, and the pets are camping out for the rest of the week in the old apartment. The worst is over, but we still have a week full of evening moves ahead of us. Plus painting, patching, and touching up. Summer is always a crazy time for me, but this year it has gotten bananas!


One more thing, guess who got mentioned in The NY Post!?!? ME!! OMG – They call me a “beauty baroness.” Nice, huh? Julie from Etsy told me that they requested permission from Etsy to use my photograph from the Bath & Body 101 Class Listing so she said to keep my eyes peeled to see if I could find where it ended up. I just did a search for “Etsy” on their website and found THIS. If anyone sees a hard copy of the post that has this in it PLEASE email me (maryhelenorama at gmail dot com). I’d be your BFF if you would mail it to me.


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