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Panoptica had a short story challenge today and I somehow felt inspired to play along. I recently bought a book called "The Pocket Muse" which contains hundreds of little snippets and subjects meant to inspire creative writing. Panoptica's challenge was to write a short story and post it to her blog comments within 48 hours! Wooo-wee.  Anyway, The Pocket Muse opened to a page that said, "Write a scene in which a pair of shoes figures prominently". So here is what I whipped up:

Albert & The Single Shoe

Albert was late for work. His worn out '89 Colt just didn't have the
gumption to start that morning, and since his wife had already left the
house, that left only one option for transportation. Albert would have
to hoof it. As he huffed and puffed down the main road in the damp
chill of the October morning, Albert was reminded of his childhood walks
to the bus stop. His feet were as heavy as lead, his lungs burned with
cold and anxiety. Albert was trying to stop remembering all this when
he spotted the shoe.

Albert paused beside the shoe and
silently considered it. It was an odd color, somewhere between blue and
green, but with a dusty antiqued tone and what he suspected to be faux
weathering on the creases and wooden heel. It looked relatively clean
for an abandoned shoe, so Albert picked it up. Now that he was free to
ponder on the go, Albert began imagining what scenario could possibly
prompt a woman to toss what appeared to be a brand new shoe out the
window of a moving car. It must have been tossed, right? If it had
simply popped off then she would have surely gone back for it.

an argument was to blame. Maybe the lady's husband hated the shoes and
had demanded that she do away with them? Of course, that still doesn't
account for the shoe being without its mate. Why throw one shoe out?
What can you do with one shoe? Albert nearly swallowed his tongue when
foul play occurred to him. What horrible series of events could this
pump relate to? Albert imagined a one shoe'd woman hobbling down the
road in the dead of night, attempting to flee some hideous aggressor.
The shoe began to give Albert shivers as he began scouting the
landscape for further clues. A cigarette lighter, an empty change
purse, and several junk food wrappers only confirmed his foul
suspicions. Albert swallowed hard and took a look over the guard rail
and into the woods below the small highway. As Albert scanned the dimly
lit forest tears came to his eyes. Overcome with emotion, he decided to
jog the rest of the way to work so that he could report this despicable
crime to the authorities as soon as possible.

No sooner had
Albert run out of breath when he spotted something familiar up the
road. It was the other shoe. Immediately, Albert felt a wave of relief
as the mystery that clouded his single shoe dissipated. His imagination
and adrenaline slowed and Albert actually found himself feeling quite
silly. He picked up the second shoe, popped open his briefcase and
stowed them inside. After all, why should a brand new pair of shoes go
to waste?

I challenge you!! Short story writers please add yours to my comments on of Before October 2. The best story wins a prize!!

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New Haiku!

Did you think I forgot about you haiku’s?

Busy as a bee
so haiku’s are scarce lately.
Lucky I’m driven.

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Never is what was
Not what cannot ever be
There is no such thing

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Janine, one of my new Etsy blogging buddies runs the very posh shop, Athena’s Armoury. She makes lovely chain mail jewelry that is really breath taking! So go check it out!! She tagged me today with this fancy meme. Rules are simple:

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.  (You can find the Etsy shop and blog for my tagger above).
2. Share 7 facts with you: some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs.

So here we go!!

Seven Facts About Me
1. I only use one pin cushion while sewing. That pin cushion was a gift from my folks. It has multiple sides, each its own color. I keep my colored pins inside the corresponding color. Whenever I sew I pick the colored pin that "feels right" I won’t use any other color while I’m on that fabric. I force myself to fit the project into however many pins I have. OCD, anyone?

2. When I was a tot I used to escape from the bathtub naked, holding a towel out behind me (like a dracula cape.) These were my wings. Before my mom could catch me I would bellow, "FLYIIIING PUPPIES!!!" and throw myself head first down the staircase. I SWEAR I got this idea from a TV show that starred big-eyed puppies with wing. Unfortunately I can find no record, and thus, no proof of this TV show existing.

3. Flying got me into trouble several other times. One of the most memorable occurred when I was 13 or so. My older sister was babysitting us, but was romantically preoccupied with her high school sweetheart. Naturally, I bothered them until Sarah banished me to my room upstairs. She said, (and I QUOTE) "If you come down those stairs one more time I’ll kick your ass." So I took this opportunity to test one of my newest theories. I’d recently concluded that the world around us was really a visual and tactile hallucination of our beliefs. For instance, things like gravity only existed because our minds forced them to exist. If we stopped believing in these "facts" than reality would bend to suit our new beliefs. The world is our oyster, after all. I pumped myself up for the big test. I opened the second story window, perched inside the window sill, dreamed about my breath taking ascent into the heavens above and then… doubt. What if I was wrong? I’ll crash to my death!!! Better get a rope. Just in case.  OK, tied the rope to the rocking chair, time to go!! I leaped from that window and into the air!! For a split second I swear it was working. Then all of the sudden…doubt! Down I went. Halfway down I had the presence of mind to grab my emergency rope ( which I STILL suspect hindered the whole operation) and to my surprise it burned the everliving shit out of my palms! I let go and landed into a pile of well placed pachysandras. I waltzed in the back door to cool down my burnt palms under the kitchen faucet. Sarah had actually SEEN my body whiz past the living room window. I certainly would have gotten my ass kicked if it had not been for her utter shock and the careful wording of her earlier sentence. "I didn’t come down the stairs," I reminded her.

4. My eyes focus in a rare way. Two of my sisters recently got glasses. Naturally, I was jealous of their new smarty faced rims so I ran off to the eye doc for the second time in my life. (I went once as a child with the same motive. I actually faked all the letter reading tests in an attempt to fake out the optometrist. NO DICE.) This time the doctor told me although I had nearly prefect vision, there was something strange about my eye sight, a condition which is often misdiagnosed as dyslexia, or ADHD. Apparently, most people’s eyes are connected to their brains in a way that allows the brain to auto focus constantly. You focus your mind on an abject and your eyes follow suit. Not mine. According to this doc, I manually focus my eyes whenever I look at something. As a result, when I look at an object, or especially at text or detailed pictures, I have to find the right focus every time. It takes me longer to see words, letters, or whatever, than a normal person. My mind has to "see" it a few different ways before it picks the correct one. The rub is that I’ve been doing it so long, I could not even tell you I’m doing it. When this happens in kids (and apparently "adults" because let me tell you I can barely sit through a commercial), it can cause them to become easily frustrated and seem like ADD, hyperactivity or dyslexia. So, I actually see the world in a different way then most people. Thought that was kind of neat.
5.  I have  a birth mark on my right hand. It looks like this ————->

6. I love puns. I think they are the funniest thing ever. That and old Popeye cartoons. I can’t get enough of either one.

7. I’m like a cat. I am overly affectionate most of the time. I need physical contact on a regular basis or I’ll just whither away and die. Alternatively, when I am in alone mode I love my privacy. I can’t stand it being interrupted – even by people I like. I just hate everybody when I’m  really deeply involved in something. ESPECIALLY if I’m writing. I hate the phone rings… with a passion. Especially if the person calling is someone I like!! Because I really do want to talk to them, but once I get started on something, having to stop is really painful.

OK, enough about me, how’s about you!?!!? I’m tagging the following folks:

Sarah (my sis and owner of the fab fiber depot, Fiberfly – Which )

Another Sarah from Welcome to Girl Land, proprietor of the The Girl Land Etsy Shop

Maye Rain, who sells lovely things made from metal on her Etsy Shop.

Jessica, my child bearing buddy over at More Than Many Sparrows

Theresa, a talented panda bear creator.

Jesus, the son of God, mankind’s savior, etc. etc. etc. I wonder if he would like my glamour crosses?

My friend, Jennie, the Yarnista!


********* EDIT **********
I’m adding an extra person to this meme. Lauren from Ornametal (the most FAB handmade jewelry shop around btw – high quality, gorgeous work. I’ve never seen an artist who puts so much time into every move she makes for every single thing she does as Lauren. You should see her make mosaics – for serious!!)


Oh! And let’s not forget it’s Wednesday – Haiku time!

Meme time is here
Meet me at Sharky’s Rock Shop
Under the moonlight

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Playing With Fire

My blowtorch is fun
But lampwork is not easy
I have lots to learn

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This week’s haiku celebrates the grand opening of the new "Under 5 Bucks" section on the Scribble Nation Etsy Shop. Keep checking back. We’ll be adding more cheapies soon. 

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